Types Of SME Loan

Business Loan

Collateral free loans mean loans offered without any type of Security. Some Bank/NBFCs offer Business loans in form of unsecured overdraft facilities up to Rs. 2.0 Cr. This is a Collateral free facility specially designed under the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) also a special type of collateral-free loan scheme is available in India under the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises (CGTMSE).

• Collateral free loan for MSMEs/ non-Individuals such as Pvt Ltd, Partnership Co, LLPs, Sole Proprietors, etc.
• fulfill every business need like business expansion, working capital, increasing your existing facility, purchasing new equipment.
• Transfer your existing business for lower EMIs, Interest rates & Processing fee

Foreign Currency Loan

This is a type of loan offered to companies to make export sales and deliveries or are engaged in foreign currency generating business. A foreign Currency Loan is offered by the bank for Working Capital, Trade Finance, and Project Finance requirements.

• Full Fill Working Capital needs
• Can be used for business infrastructure new machinery for Modernization
• Can be used in place of the normal term loan to reduce high-cost funds from bank/NBFC.

Leasing Finance

It is a loan offered against rental received from lease with tenants. The loan is based on the discounted value of the rentals and the property value.

• Loan can be provided on property given on rent to Bank, MNC, Rated Company, and Govt or Semi-Govt.
• Competitive rate
• Used be used for Working Capital needs business infrastructure, new machinery for Modernization, or Personal need by individuals as well as companies.

Working Capital Loan-CC/OD/TL

Working capital loans are provided by banks & NBFC to facilitate day-to-day business needs. By providing hassle-free and easy working capital loan we ensure that your business is run as smoothly and there is a shortage of funds in your business.

• This is secured funding back by the company or individual assets.
• Use the Funds for everyday operations, product developments, and other use.
• Short-term finance to bridge your financial gap.

Invoice/Bill Discounting

Bill or invoice discounting is the way to avail fund against bill or invoice payment that is expected to come in the future. It is meant to overcome the cash crunch due to delayed payment from the client. Invoice discounting is meant to take a loan only against the unpaid invoices but bill discounting is set up against all future bills. Improves cash flow/liquidity of your business

• Monetizes receivables stuck in unpaid invoices with Corporates
• Reduces dependence on Local Bank
• No collateral required

Builder Funding

We provide loans to developers for the construction of their residential as well as commercial project. We also provide working capital funds to developers against their inventory.

• Reduces dependence on capital need for the completion of the Project.
• Reduce the Cost of the fund.
• Funds can be raised on completed project inventory for capital requirements of the new project.

Machinery & Equipment Loan

These are loans provided by banks and NBFC to help businesses with expansion, procurement of machinery, and Equipment, modernization of existing plants, and new projects.

• Attractive interest rates.
• Flexible loan tenure.
• Financing/leasing solutions for most classes of assets/equipment.
• Quick Approval.

Loan against Industrial Shed

Banks /NBFC provide loans for the purchase or construction of new or old industrial sheds. Loans can also be availed against the industrial shed for working capital by small and medium enterprises.

• Full Fill capital needed for the completion of the new Project.
• Attractive interest rates.
• Flexible loan tenure.

Simplified Small Business Loan

As business owners, we dream to build your company. For this we need a fund which we arrange from different places, we can be one of them who can help you to build you own brand make your small company into a big empire, few of such places are the lending cart, Money View, IDFC Bank, etc.

• Unsecured Working capital loan.
• Limit assessment.
• Minimum documentation & quick disbursal.

MSME -Loan on GST Return

Based on your GST return we can help you get GST Loan to solve your working capital need. Your loan eligibility will be based on your GST returned file. Easy, Quick & Higher amount.

• Easy and Simplified Product- Overdraft and Term Loan are both available
• Eligibility Based on your GST Return
• Loan on your Residential/Commercial/Industrial property Available

Loan for Doctor

A loan for a doctor is a term loan in which a doctor can avail loan on an individual name, in the name of firm i.e., proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or trusts. This is for registered medical practitioners like BDS, MBBS, etc

• A doctor Loan is primarily for the doctor having MBBS or BDS degree.
• Doctors can use this facility for purchasing medical equipment, or any other equipment required in their profession
• Doctors can use this facility for renovation and for setting up nursing homes, clinics, pathology labs, drug stores, ambulances, etc.

Medical Equipment Finance

Loans are provided to doctors at a very competitive rate for both new and refurbished medical equipment.

• Financing solutions for most classes of assets/equipment.
• Minimum documentation & quick disbursal.
• Promoter Funding
• Structured Finance