Add On Credit Card

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What are Add On Credit Card?

Add-On Card is a benefit provided to the immediate relatives of a principal credit cardholder. The nearest family member may use the add-on card, which has the same benefits as the principal credit cardholder.

Typically, credit card companies provide two to three cards without charge, so the additional cards won't have an annual or joining cost. The cost of some add-on cards can range from Rs. 125 to Rs. 1,000, depending on the card type. It is far cheaper than the yearly cost on the main credit card, though.

Add On Credit Card of different banks

Name of Bank Card No of cards Annual Fees
Axis Bank
  • Upto 4 Add-on Cards are permitted.
SBI Bank

  • Upto 2 Add-on Cards are permitted.
  • Upto 3 Add-on Cards are permitted.
Charges based on the card
Citi Bank
  • Up to 5 Add-on Cards are permitted.
  • Upto 3 Add-on Cards are permitted.

Benefits of Add On Credit Card

Here are some benefits offered by Add On credit card. Suitable for family members :
Students above the age of 18, non-working family members, and elderly parents of the principal cardholder are the best candidates for add-on credit cards..

Same benefits at no Additional cost :
The same use advantages are available to add-on cardholders as they are to primary cardholders, albeit occasionally some premium perks are only available to primary cards.

Easy cash withdrawal :
ATM cash withdrawal using add-on card is possible. The limit could be same as the primary card or could be less depending on bank.

Reward Points :
Add-on credit cards come with the same rewards, cashbacks and bonus features that come with a primary card. The rewards earned on add-on card are redeemable as per primary card terms.

Get Financial Independence :
Add-on cards provide financial freedom to individuals who would not otherwise have access to credit cards.

How to apply for Add On Card

You have the option of applying both offline and online.

Online Mode :
Step 1 : Login in to your net banking account for your credit card.
Step 2 : Select "Add-on Credit Card" under "Credit Cards" in the menu.
Step 3 : Complete the form and send it in with the necessary documentation.
Step 4 : Within a few days, your card will be delivered to your postal address.

Offline Mode :
You may apply for the same at your bank's nearest branch by going there. Complete the application form and send it in with the required supporting documents. Your add-on card will arrive in a few days.

Documents for Add On Credit Card

Documents require for Add On Credit Card :

  • A filled and signed application form for add-on credit card
  • PAN card of the applicant
  • Identity proof of the applicant - Aadhaar, driving licence, passport or student ID, among others
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • A passport size photograph of the applicant


  • The benefits of add on cards are:

    • Suitable for family members
    • Same benefits at no Additional cost
    • Easy cash withdrawal
    • Rewards Point
    • Give Financial Independence

  • Yes, for each additional credit card, a unique PIN will be established and delivered to your mailing address with the card.

  • You can apply for it through your net banking account or by visiting the bank.

  • Cancelling an add-on credit card is simple. Simply call the card issuer's customer service line and request closure or cancellation. Email or phone customer service. Similar to applying for a primary credit card.