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Apply For Personal Loan

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Apply for Personal Loan Online

A personal loan becomes the safest option when someone requires urgent funds to carry on their work, such as place shifting or covering daily expenses.
So, how to access a personal loan easily? Or what if the banks come to you?

Thus, is bringing an online platform where you can compare the interest rates of different banks and grab the best suitable personal loan deal at your fingertips.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

With the help of the Personal Loan EMI calculator, you can calculate the monthly payable EMI on the principal loan & the interest. For calculating personal loan EMI online, you're required to fill in the three details: loan Personal Loan amount, Personal loan tenure, and Personal Loan interest rate. The answer will be your monthly EMI.

Why choose loans4you for Online Personal Loan Application ? is a platform built by keeping in mind the borrower's interest, and the banks and borrowers deal with each other risk-free. Thus below are the highlights of choosing rather than physically reaching out to the banks.

All in your reach
Our platform isn't limited to comparing the different products and the loan offers of various banks. We are also your communication partner when you have a query and help you understand your needs better. Thus, loans4you is the complete solution to a borrower's need.

Chance to compare
The prime concern while obtaining the loan is whether the deal is profitable for more or not? But how do you compare? By visiting our website Here you can compare the available options and move ahead with a satisfactory contract.

Easy loan application
The significant benefit of online Personal loan application is that it eliminates misunderstandings and confusion between a lender and the creditor. Also, you can explore more. Plus, you have access to all the detailed information required for the loan application, such as documents. Online personal loan application becomes more accessible and faster when there is no formality of document submission.

Lists of Do's and Don'ts while applying for a personal loan
Do's Dont's
1. Check the loan eligibility 1. Applying for personal loan with multiple lenders
2. Research about the lenders and ask for second opinions 2. Faulty or misleading documents
3. Secure the documents and finances before applying loan 3. Exceeding your limits
4. Try completing the loan application process in one go 4. Applying for a personal loan if you already have multiple liabilities
5. The details provided must be trustworthy 5. Fooling out of yourself by seeing the unlikely offers

Compare Personal Loan Transfer Interest Rates of All Major Banks

Bank Name Floating Interest Rates Per Lac Emi Get Into It
SBI 9.60% - 13.60% Rs. 2,105- Rs. 2,306 Apply Now
HDFC Bank 10.25% - 18% Rs. 2,162 - Rs. 2,722 Apply Now
Tata Capital 10.49% - 14.25% Rs. 2,174 - Rs. 2,539 Apply Now
IDFC Bank Ltd 10.49% - 30% Rs. 2,149 - Rs. 3,359 Apply Now
ICICI Bank 10.50% onwards Rs. 2,174 - Rs.2,566 Apply Now
Kotak Mahindra Bank 10.99% - 20.99% Rs. 2,174 - Rs. 2,705 Apply Now
Yes Bank 10.70% - 15.99% Rs.2,162 - Rs. 2,485 Apply Now
IndusInd Bank 10.49% - 31.50% Rs. 2,174 Onwards Apply Now
Axis Bank 10.25% - 24% Rs. 2,224 - Rs. 2,877 Apply Now
Fullerton India 14.00% - 24.00% Rs. 2,327 - Rs. 2,877 Apply Now
RBL Bank 17.50% - 26.00% Rs. 2,512 - Rs.2,994 Apply Now
Standard Chartered Bank 11.00% - 12.50% Rs. 2,327 - Rs. 2,705 Apply Now

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

A personal loan eligibility calculator is the pre-defined rules set up by the banks upon which the bank decides whether you're eligible to obtain the loan or not. Also, the eligibility criteria differ following the borrower and the bank./NBFC, but the key factors are constant such as age, income proof, and other documents. Let's check each one by the following:

The applicant's minimum age must be 21 years while obtaining the loan. Maximum age:
Salaried: until 60 years or superannuation
Self-employed: up to 65 years or earliest at loan maturity.

Income proof:
The maximum borrowing limit for a personal loan is 10-27 times of net monthly income to show the applicant's capacity for repaying the loan and the documents included are:

For Salaried:
• Three months' paycheque
• Six months cheque or two years bonus evidence (fluctuating pay)
• Six months bank statement showing earnings
• Employment continuity evidence

For Self-employed:
• Two years ITR, Income statement, P&L account, verified balance sheet.
• Half-yearly bank statements (personal & business both).
• Income continuity evidence
• Tax audit-proof
• CPC and delinquent tax paid challan are required if ITR lacks CA's digital signature.

Note: Any of the above proofs are acceptable.

The benefit of online Personal Loan

We believe in staying in sync with digital fashion, and that's why we bought an equitable platform for loan-seeking, where individuals can obtain personal loans hassle-free. The 10k+ customers reflect our goodwill and hence are proof of compassion towards work.

Here are the benefits of online personal loan benefits:

Chances to explore
Obtaining a personal loan is no joke, and you must be very careful picking up the lenders. We are presenting you the option to compare and analyze the various offers to the best and within the budget offer.

The three pillars of loan comparison are:
• Rate of interests
• EMI & Repayment options
• Loan amount & its repayment tenor

Communication is the solution to all odds, but it is impossible to have 24*7 communication with the human workforce. We made technology our communication partner, where the AI featured Chabot is available 24*7 for your service and will give satisfactory answers to your queries.

In addition, you chose the medium to contact a loan representative through Here, you can get the representative via e-Mail, message and call at your comfortable seat. The online medium also allows you to change the terms/ conditions of the loan after approval.

First-hand tools
Obtaining a personal loan is a big deal, and you can't be moving ahead with any risks or misinformation.

That's why is providing close-at-hand tools like a Personal loan EMI calculator, Personal Loan eligibility calculator, Personal Loan balance transfer Calculator, etc. This way, it will be easier for you to cope with the monthly expenses.

Sometimes even after a loan has been approved due to some issue, you want to change your loan terms through an online medium rather than visiting a bank/NBFC personally.

Pain-less application
The most significant advantage of a personal loan is eliminating the unceasing physical process of getting a loan.

So, here you can fill out the loan application form in the following way:
• Go to our website
• Choose the bank and the deal that you think is the best.
• Fill out the application and submit the documents electronically.
• After the approval, you're good to go.

Steps you should keep in mind while applying for a personal loan

Step : 1
Don't rely on one bank. Instead, engage with multiple banks and compare on our website and save on preferred interest and grow more.

Step : 2
Evaluate each step of the personal loan.
For example, some banks will charge a higher personal loan processing fee if they offer a lower interest rate and vice versa. Also, be aware of the hidden costs.

Step : 3
Before head planning, certain things like loan amount, loan tenor, and EMI will be beneficial as to manage the monthly expenses.

Step : 4
cost of taking the personal loan.
For example, total payable personal loan interest, processing fee or administrative charges etc.

Step : 5
You must check additional benefits of the personal loan such as EMI waiver of personal loan, money saver product, or any other product/ offer that can help save the total interest paid.

Step : 6
Second, opinions or feedback from friends or relatives is crucial before finalizing the loan. Plus, the before and after-sale customer service also plays an essential role.

Apply online for a personal loan balance transfer

1. Easy access to top-up at the rate of the balance transfer.
2. Additional top-up depends upon your previous top-up and personal loan repayment.
3. Repayment-based eligibility on the existing house loan.
4. Balance transfer from every bank, HFCs, and NBFCs.
5. Privileged for balance transfer from leading banks & NBFCs.
6. Personal loan balance transfer at attractive rates of interest.
7. Avail maximum personal loan and additional top-up over a personal loan.
8. Maximum personal loan tenor is 60 months but can vary.

Different steps of personal Loan application

Foremost, fill out the application form, either online or physically depending upon banks and submit the required documents along with the application form. Next is waiting until the bank verifies your eligibility on the branch level.

Loan Sanction:
Once you submit the documents, the banks/NBFCs will verify your documents, and if the papers stand true against their credit policy, they will sanction the loan. Otherwise, reject.

Post Sanction:
Once the loan is sanctioned, the bank will provide you with the cheque that can be either collected from the bank itself or may be mailed. Also, this cheque's amount can vary from your actual personal loan amount.

Approval & Disbursal:
After all the legal formalities are accomplished, the banks will disbursal the loan.
The process takes 1 to 2 business days, subject to the timely submission of documents to the bank/NBFC.

List of Documents for Home Loan Online

While you're filling up the Loan Against Property online application form, you will be required to upload the documents supporting your credential. So, here is the checklist of Loan Against Property documents that are mandatory to be uploaded along with the form pdf.

Compulsory Documents
• Loan Against Property online application form
• PAN card

Identify proofs: any of the given lists
• Passport
• Voter id
• Aadhar card
• Driving license
• Govt. employee ID (if any)
• GOI issued photo ID (if any other)

Address proofs: any of the given lists
• Aadhar card
• Driving license
• Voter id
• Electricity or gas bill
• Landline bill
• Property tax receipts
• Govt. employee ID (if any)
• GOI issued photo ID (if any other)

Birth date proof: any of the given lists
• Passport
• Driving license
• PAN card
• Birth certificate
• Aadhar card
• 12th mark sheet

Signature proof: any of the given lists
• Passport
• PAN card

Income proof for Salaried
• Last 3 Months’ Salary slips.
• Last 3 years form no 16 with job continuity proof for 3 years.
• Bank statement of salary account for last 6 months.
• Existing Loan statement for all Current loans (Sanction Letter / Statement of Account). (If Any)

Income proof for SENP
• Business proof: CST/ GST/ VAT/ Service tax/ Shops and Establishment license copy/ SME registration copy.
• Business profile: One the letter head of the company with signed and stamp by applicant should include Name of the Firm/Company, Address of Firm, Year of Establishment, Work Detail, No of Employee, Major Clients.
• Business Address Proof: Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Passport / Bank Statement / CST/ GST/ VAT/ Service tax/ Shops and Establishment license copy/ SME registration copy.
• Last 3 Months salary slips ( In Case of drawing salary from his firm).
• Last 2 years form no 16 ( In Case of drawing salary from his firm).
• Last 3 years Income Tax Returns with Computation of Income, Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account along with Annexure (CA certified or Audited) Individual as well as of company.
• Education certificate (Self Employed Professionals).
• Bank statement for last 1 year – All Accounts (Self and Business).
• Existing Loan statement or Sanction letter for all current loans.(if Any).
• Application processing fee & recent passport size photos.

How To Apply for Personal Loan Online ?

Either you can choose to go to the bank or decide the convenient options, i.e., apply with So, for the online application, do as directed below.


Apply online for a personal loan by filling out the application form and the documents.

Loan Sanction

Wait until verification & KYC.


Once done, enter the loan amount and select the preferred interest rate, EMI options etc.

Approval & Disbursal

Lastly, wait for the loan sanction & approval.


  • To avail of an immediate personal loan online, visit and complete the application process in one go.

  • Yes, the online personal loan sites are safe and authorized. One such example is

  • Yes, you can pay your personal loan early, but that also depends upon the banks/ NBFCs/ lenders.

  • • Fast disbursal
    • Flexible loan tenor and repayment facilities
    • No security/ collateral required
    • Flexible use of the money

  • The maximum period of a personal loan is 60 months, while the minimum can be anything.