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Customer Referral Programme

All the very outset, we express our great delight, for having you as our valued customer and a very important member of the extended family of Loans4you.We really treasure this association profoundly and would also like to welcome more of your friends, relatives or office colleagues to be part of this family through you. We have very recently launched “Customer Referral Programme”, herein you get the unique opportunity to get exciting referral benefits like Gift Voucher, Discount Coupon. By way of this communication, we invite you to participate in this unique programme. Needless to mention, confidentiality is absolutely assured. All the very outset, we express our great delight, for having you as our valued customer and a very important member of the extended family of Loans4you.

How does the referral program work

Once you have Taken any Loan thru us you need to do is refer a friend or family member to us and if they take any loans thru us you are eligible to earn point which you can redeem in form of gift Voucher or discount coupon. The more friends and family that you successfully refer the more money you are entitled to receive. This is a great incentive for those take loans thru us. We are dedicated to first-class customer service and we guarantee that your friends and family members that you refer will benefit from our excellent service.

What is the first step

All you need to do is send us the details of your friend/s, and when we contact them just ask them to mention your name and Cust ID.

How much will you earn

We don’t Pay in cash … More you refer more you earn and you can redeem in form or gift vouchers or discount coupon or in any other form of discount for every member you refer. As we tread the path of growth together, the referral scheme will help you win handsome rewards

How quickly will I receive my money

You can redeem your point any time after disbursement of the loans you have refered or you can keep the point and let it accumulate it and and can redeem any time.

Why Loans4you referral program

The excellent quality of service and customer services that we’ve provided to our clients has been the backbone of our business and the reason that our customers recommend us to their friends and families. This is reflected in that 40% of our new customers come from recommendations from our existing customer base. This new referral scheme is our way of thanking them for endorsing us in this way to their friends – we want to reward them and encourage them to continue doing so.

Reward Payout Grid

Product : Home Loan/Loan Against Property/Personal Loans / Business Loans

Disbursed Amount(In Rs) Referral rewards on disbursal
Above 50 Thousand to 50 Lakh Reward of 25 Points Per Lacs
Above Rs 50 Lakh to 100 Lakh Reward of 30 Points Per Lacs
Above 100 Lakh to 200 Lakh Reward of 40 Points Per Lacs
Above 200 Lakh to 500 Lakh Reward of 50 Points Per Lacs
Above 500 Lakh Reward of 100 Points Per Lacs
  1. The reward payouts are subject to Income Tax, Service Tax and other laws and regulations applicable at the time of calculations and making of the payments.
  2. All Payments are subject to the completeness and authenticity of information provided in the Referral Form.
  3. Kindly refer detailed Terms and conditions of the scheme.
  4. One Point is Equivalent to 1 Rs

Terms and Conditions.

  1. Target beneficiary under the scheme : Existing asset and liability customers who will refer IDBI Bank’s Home Loan or Loan against property to its friends/relatives etc.
  2. Mode of reward - Gift Card -Beneficiary will be rewarded after referred disbursement of the loan
  3. Basis of Reward Rewards to bank’s existing assets and liability customers and on the basis of amount disbursed. Reward will be given by way of Gift Card.
  4. Applicability on the Product - Home Loans , Loan Against Property, Loan against rent receivables, Loan against property-Loan for purchase of Commercial property, Personal Loan.

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